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Bottle Labeling Machine
Bottle Labeling Machine

Bottle Labeling Machine

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The high speed automatic labeling machine of MT-230 circular bottle adopts the label paper of self-adhesive reel, and the label adopts the way of roller sticker, which can be used to prepare the automatic bottle feeding and bottle collecting device, which can finish the bottling, labeling and bottle collection procedure in one time, and can also be equipped with a printer to finish the label printing synchronously.

This machine adopts the computer optical fiber control, the synchronous tracking, the out standard is controlled by the mutual inductance step motor, ensures the automatic packing machine which the speed of the out standard and the winding bottle synchronizes. It is a modern mechatronics product with excellent and reliable working performance.

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1.Suitable for single and double side labeling of flat bottles,round bottle,special shaped bottles and square bottle products in daily , household , medicine , food and other light industry industries.
2.Optional automatic bottle uncrambler machine, can be directly connected to the front production line, automatic bottle feeding into the labeling machine, increase efficiency
3.It can be equipped with ribbon printer machine, which can print production date and batch number on line, reduce the packaging process of bottle and improve production efficiency.


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